Carbon Neutral Indy Podcast

The climate crisis — what can you do?

Obviously you want to help, but your resources are limited. How can you contribute meaningfully?

What are the most effective steps you can take?

These interviews will shift your feelings of anxiety and overwhelm to feelings of traction, progress,

Daniel Poynter shares authentic personal stories as he tries to find the balance between serious fear and tremendous opportunity in order to bring humanity together. Carbon Neutral Indiana is a non-profit dedicated to helping Indiana become carbon neutral as soon as possible.

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Meet The Host

The One Behind The Show

Daniel Poynter

Daniel founded Carbon Neutral Indiana in April 2020. It grew out of almost a year of full-time research into climate action in Indiana, including six months of research culminating in Indiana Drawdown.

Before this, Daniel was a professional advisor to over one hundred social entrepreneurs, was named a Young Innovator by the MacArthur Foundation, and was invited to speak at over twenty academic institutions throughout North America. Daniel lives in Indianapolis with his wife Cait and their golden retriever Camper. 

Daniel Poynter

Cara Bach My City, My Shelter

Daniel made such an impression that we made our house the first Carbon Neutral home in Indianapolis.

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