The Edge of Grace Podcast

Listen in on these inspirational stories as Michelle Hensley sits down with some of her friends to get the raw and vulnerable truth about how God has transformed their lives. Through trauma, relationships, business, parenting, substance abuse, and anger, they each share the powerful lessons they have learned along the way.

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Meet The Host

The One Behind The Show

Michelle Hensley

Michelle Hensley is the founder and executive director of the nonprofit Community Arms, providing semipermanent housing and resources for women, and their children, coming out of institutional recovery programs. Born here in Indiana, Michelle is involved with numerous organizations that promote personal growth and development for individuals at a local level.

Life has always been an adventure for Michelle and she is excited to pour herself into The Edge of Grace podcast with the hope that others can find inspiration and wisdom through listening to the numerous heartfelt stories shared by her and her friends. 

Michelle Hensley

Joshua Barrett Founder Go Be Love

Michelle is a brave woman sharing her story and inspiring others to listen closer to God and live a life with purpose.

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