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During the pandemic, people from all walks of life are stepping up to create a virtual community with one simple concept “If you need help ask, If you can help, help”

We will hear stories from those who were served and those who stepped up to serve during this chaotic time in 2020. Business owners who gave carloads of goods to the community, and everyday men and women who overcame the fear of the unknown with love for their neighbor. We will learn why they choose to love and explore how we can all encompass the lifestyle of Go BE Love.

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Go Be Love Podcast

Meet The Host

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Joshua Barrett

Hey, I’m Joshua a little bit broken like everybody. I’ve lived a life full of abuse and a total lack of belonging. I have battled depression, suicide, PTSD, 20 years of addiction and alcoholism. After hitting rock bottom in 2018 I faced my past and grew beyond it.  I now work as a Life Coach, Chaplain and public Speaker sharing stories of struggle and success all centered around the lifestyle Go Be Love. 

 I firmly believe that once we make it out of the fire we are obligated to reach back in and start pulling others out, Living a life of love and unity with everything around us. I strive to make sure all of my publications and engagements help to heal and motivate you to truly love your neighbor as yourself. 

I live and work in Downtown Indianapolis with my amazing wife and 2 teenage kids who help keep Go BE Love moving forward!

Joshua Barrett

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