My City, My Shelter

14,657 animals were housed at Indianapolis Animal Care Services in 2019. My City, My Shelter explores how all residents of Indianapolis can help and care for our cities homeless animals. By accepting animal welfare as a community concern we can improve our shelter and the lives of its residents.

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My City, My Shelter

Meet The Host

The One Behind The Show

Cara Bach

Cara Bach is the founder of the nonprofit Graceful Givers, serving kids and families in need locally here in Indianapolis.

Cara also started a group called Rescues Day Out that advocates for animals and local rescue organizations by promoting animal adoption to people within the community. A natural organizer, Cara manages within her busy schedule to connect the willing volunteers to the causes that help bring our community together and to do good.

Cara and her husband Josh make their home in Indianapolis with their five daughters, two dogs, and cat.

Cara Bach

Tiffany Painter Nurse. Pet Lover

My husband introduced me to this podcast and it's tugged at my heart ever since!

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