REshift: Experiencing Single Minded, A Christian Singles Community

As we walk in our personal journey trail to fulfill God’s calling in our lives, we find that we may drift off trail. At times we need to make adjustments to keep moving forward.

REshift is a podcast that will help you do just that by exploring theme words beginning with the prefix RE –REset, REcalibrate, REwire, REbuild, REclaim, etc. As we live life (again?) as singles, we need each other. Staying connected is a basic human need – it’s how God created us. But it’s a challenge for singles, one that existed long before this pandemic began.

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Meet The Host

The One Behind The Show

Marilyn Lopez

Marilyn Lopez is a native Chicagoan with a Puerto Rican heritage. She was raised in the inner city where crime, drugs, and broken relationships abounded. She beat the status quo and attended a Spanish seminary in Chicago called Semanario Bíblico Zoe and was blessed to achieve her Masters of Fine Art in Graphic Design by the age of 26. She has become a leader and entrepreneur in her community, ministering to others through her Bible teaching, building visual branding for businesses, and helping others through her REshift podcast. She is also known as an intriguing visual storyteller.

In 2018, Marilyn found herself divorced after 14 years of marriage and starting over as a single mom of three in Indianapolis. Feeling lost, Marilyn had faith that the Lord would shift her back onto her journey trail that would lead to her purpose. That shifting back became an important turning point as she began to surround herself with a group of Christian singles who sought to worship, connect, grow, and serve together. As a result, she helped launch a new Christian Singles Group called Single Minded.

During her darkest times, words simmered with new meaning. She realized she needed to REset, REcalibrate, REwire, to name a few. These and others with the prefix “RE” resonated in her heart as Marilyn began to see fellow strugglers who too had shifted off their journey trail.

Whether you are single or married, this podcast will speak to your life. Tune in for inspiring testimonies from Indianapolis residents who will open your heart and mind and possible help you REshift too! 

Marilyn Lopez

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